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We innovate. We design. We amaze. 

Monahan & Associates is the Premier Multi Line Agency in the West with a combined industry experience of 50+ years strategically located to optimize coverage to the major cities of the Western Territory. 

DM Group.jpg
David Monahan
Miranda Monahan
Project Manager

Monahan & Associates can visit the major metropolitan cities in Western U.S. multiple times throughout the year with personal meetings/presentations, Events, Lunches, and the Western Territory Premier travel shows (The Ideas & Inspiration Tour), and regional shows (NWPMA, AzPPA, RMR, PMANC).

We can visit major accounts & establish new relationships in multiple cities simultaneously. Monahan & Associates has an extensive distributor sales rep database of over 14,000 which is used to market our supplier partners and the Premier travel shows in the Western Territory, "The Ideas & Inspiration Tour”. 

Ashley Bernstein web 2.jpg
Ashley Bernstein
Account Manager

A famous writer once said, "If you're not taking care of your customers, somebody else will". These are words to live by! It is our goal to make sure every order large or small i treated equally, this is how true growth and partnerships are acheived!

David Monahan
VP Marketing

We believe in multi-platform Marketing where a mix of Meetings, Presentations, Lunches, Shows, and the Monahan & Associates Event Schedule for Preferred Partners, along with our Personal Relationships create a Perfect Storm to Build Partnerships & Sales in the Territory. 

Tessa Brown
Digital Marketing Specialist

Connecting today's companies with clients through multiple platforms & changing the way advertising, marketing, & sales are achieved in today's ever changing world. 

Jim Huller
Account Manager

After more than 40 years Experience in the Ad Specialty Industry, we believe Service, Quality, and only the Best Supplier Partners in the Industry keep the partnerships we've established moving forward. 

Linda Huller
Account Manager

The industry is constantly Changing, and the 1 aspect that has remained is the way we treat our Distributor family, Our Focus has and Always will be on YOU!! Thank you for your partnership.

It has been our experience with our strategic schedule and personal meetings/presentations, give us the opportunity to spend quality time with each distributor rep and increase sales in the territory.

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